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MICHELE&Shin, Italy

  • MICHELE&Shin is committed to full bespoke suits hand-made in Italy. We insist a suit is designed to be beautiful to wear, fun to wear, and unique enough to reflect individuality. Unlike Japanese-style suits that prioritize comfortability at the expense of style, Italian bespoke tailoring is the perfect choice for glamor.

  • Tokyo Ginza main store and MICHELE&Shin's exclusive workshop in the suburbs of Naples, Campania, Italy, make each customer's specific requirements possible with the most satisfying design and fabric counsel.

  • We believe that MICHELE&Shin's authentic Italian tailoring results in real fashion and is never basic.

Pay at an Italian local price in Ginza

  • In Italy, the acceptance and popularity of bespoke suits are so high that every place, no matter how small, has its own handcrafted culture that impresses customers with its design aesthetic and whimsical details.

  • MICHELE&Shin's workshop in Naples not only allows the selection of the best Italian cloth achievable but also owns an exclusive direct fabric purchase network so that our customers in Japan can customize a stylish Italian hand-made suit at the same starting price as in Italy of 1,500 euros (about 180,000 yen).

Europe to Japan, Zero time difference

  • The minimum expectation for a good-looking suit lies in its expression of fashion. If you have ever ordered a bespoke suit, you may have probably experienced the feeling of "I like the workmanship, but it looks a little bit stale."

  • At MICHELE&Shin, we team up with fashion creators in Europe who can accurately capture the changes in suit trends, ensuring we can always provide the most innovative and chic design.

  • In addition, MICHELE&Shin compiles creators' thoughts twice a year and posts on our official platform for references, be sure to stay tuned.

Full Bespoke ensures comfort wearing

  • Chic, as MICHELE&Shin's priority, makes us drastically different from many other suit stores in Japan that compete on pursuing comfort wear.

  • Also, authentic Bespoke services never finalize without basted fitting, the most important procedure that guarantees compatible harmony between physique and clothes.

  • Our pursuit of excellent bespoke design along with exquisite details leads to the dual merits of stylish elegance and extra cozy wearing experience.

16 weeks: A New Chic Look

  • You may be wondering: How is it possible to place an order in a Ginza suit store and receive a handmade Italian full order bespoke suit in just 4 months?

  • MICHELE&Shin's Neapolitan workshop has ample fabric stocks and exclusive cloth sourcing channels, and with its small but sophisticated operation model synchronized with that of the Ginza store, every customer's order is expected to be answered instantly. At the same time, MICHELE&Shin has always insisted on using the world's fastest courier service to shorten the distance between Tokyo and Italy.

  • Good things take time. The excitement and hopefulness while waiting for the finalized garment are part of the great pleasure of bespoke suits.

True craftsmanship
speaks for itself 


Suits ¥220,000- Jacket ¥160,000-

Delivery:about 7-8 months

  • The FULL HAND LABEL of Bespoke represents the hand-made craftsmanship of each bespoke suit created by our accomplished tailors. Full canvas, pad stitches, one-piece collar cut, and hand-stitched buttonholes are fundamental to expect.

  • Suit pressing is an often unmentioned but extraordinarily essential step in bespoke. Before tailors start sewing, the pressing firstly relaxes and expands the fabrics to have a beautifully natural curve, generating a three-dimensional canvas for following procedures.

  • The high flexibility in designing styles and details allows every customer to enjoy the purely aesthetic pleasure and wearability of a bespoke suit.


・Basted Fitting・Full Canvas・Pad stitches・One-piece collar cut・Hand-stitched buttonholes・Flexible style design・Exquisite detail arrangement


at your service

  • MICHELE&Shin's exclusive workshop in Italy supports sourcing all kinds of high-quality fabrics directly from Italy, as well as from the U.K., France, and many other famous fabric origins of the world. Furthermore, more than 500 original fabrics are available.

Nice to meet 
a brand new you

1. Visiting Ginza Store

  • Please come to our Ginza store to give us an opportunity to know you: your physique, your life, your tastes, and preferences. So we can better cooperate on deciding which bespoke styles suit you the best and what kind of fabrics look great on you.

  • At MICHELE&Shin, it is ok to be not clear on what you want in the first place. Our professional measure man will always listen to your needs and give matching advice. Discussions about design, cloth, even tiny details are all welcomed.

Time: 1~2 hours (depends on each customer)

2. Measurements 

  • Once the bespoke style and fabric are decided, physique measurements begin.

This is the end of the first visit.

Time: 15 minutes

3. Basted Fitting

  • At this stage, we kindly ask you to visit Ginza store again for the Fitting procedure. Given the fitting feedback, our professional measure man will make sure the design and details are perfect to go.

Time: about 1 hour

4. Delivery

  • After all procedures are completed, you will receive your MICHELE&Shin handmade full order Italian bespoke suit.